Out of the Software Crisis

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By Baldur Bjarnason,

The cover for the book. It says 'Out of the Software Crisis: Systems-Thinking for Software Projects, by Baldur Bjarnason'

To be released on November 7, 2023. Pre-order now to get a $10 USD discount.

Software projects keep failing, not because we don’t have the right team or tools but because our software development system is broken. Out of the Software Crisis is a guide to fixing your software projects with systems-thinking making them more resilient to change and less likely to fail.

The print edition will be:

Photo of a proof of the hardcover edition of Out of the Software Crisis
This is an early proof of the print edition. This version has a matte cover, which I discovered was a magnet for fingerprints and scuffs, which is why the published edition will have a hardier glossy cover.

Praise for the ebook edition of Out of the Software Crisis: Systems-Thinking for Software Projects

The only issue so far with Baldur’s book is how distracted I am by the typography. It’s a bit too good 😅. – David Larlet

I’ve bought your book based solely on the extract about the business value of unit testing on the website. I read that and thought “YES! At last! Someone’s said it.” and wondered what else you have to say. I’m looking forward to reading it. :) – Chris Neale

I read Baldur’s book ‘Out of the Software Crisis’ on the flight over yesterday and I’d strongly recommend reading it. – Orta Therox

This is basically a book full of hot takes and I’m here for it. – James Harton

“Out of the Software Crisis” by Baldur is a great book and well worth the read. Highly quotable, and really challenged my view of software development in a few places. – Nolan Lawson

Really great as an introduction to systems thinking as applied to software design. – Jennifer Jiang

Love this quote about design from “Out of the software crisis” by Baldur: “Decoration [is] the least important thing design does for software…[aesthetics] is part of what design does. It isn’t what you hire designers to do.” – Jim Neilsen

This book “out of the software crisis” by Baldur Bjarnason is really good 👍. I cannot recommend it highly enough. – KimSia Sim

Just finished Baldur’s new book “Out of the Software Crisis”. It’s a whistle-stop tour of the history and current state of #software development, and an intro to systems thinking. Very relatable if you’re a #webdev, and has inspired me to read more… – Ben Walker

“Out of the Software Crisis” by Baldur is so good that I shared it with our executive management team. It’s short, non-technical, well-researched and identifies the key reasons software projects fail and how to improve the chance of success. Hoping this authoritative little book will help our team look beyond the waterfall/agile/safe/whatever dogmas to the importance of the wider organization in determining success. – @doctorlaura

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